Brief Introduction to PAISA Engineering Group

The main expertise of PAISA Engineering Co. as an experienced consultant specialized in high-rise residential and commercial buildings is to present engineering services before the construction phase (basic and detailed design) as well as during the construction operation to fulfill client demands with comprehensive approach through synergy of science and experience. This will be performed by detection and analysis of construction industry weaknesses and implementation of up-to-date knowledge and experiments based on our in-house capabilities.

PAISA engineering services are categorized as:

Basic Design

- Technical and commercial feasibility studies through value engineering
- Architectural conceptual design including volumetric design and architectural plans
- Structural basic design including verification and selection of structural systems & primary structural


- Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) basic design including analysis and selection of M&E systems Detail Design
- Detail design and integration of architectural, structural, and M&E designs
- Design control and optimization
- Provide necessary drawings and documents
- Shop drawings
- Verification and selection of modern materials and systems

Construction Phase

- Technical assistance, engineering consultancy and supervisory services (if needed) during the fabrication and construction phase
- Fabrication and construction planning, scheduling, and project control services
- Tendering services
- Shop drawings
- HSE procedures services
- Quantity takeoff and material waste reduction
- Quality control management (fabrication and construction)
- Provide fabrication and construction manuals and instructions such as Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS), etc.