Brief Introduction to PAISA Engineering Group

Paisa consulting engineers company, a member of the Civil House engineering services group using scientific and technological capabilities of the institute and experience of experts , on the basis of R & D processes , employers requirement , consultants , contractors , investors and manufacturers , has defined and presented a various services as follows:

• Feasibility study, economic studies, justification pattern in the field of investment of commercial, official, tourism, multipurpose complexes based on information gathering and data classification pertaining executed projects and running projects
• Consultation and implementation BIM system and preparation three dimensional monolithic models in development plans and commercial, official, tourism, hospital, educational, sports and other big urban projects
• Designing phase one and two, consultation for plans verification or optimization and structural, Architecture, electrical & mechanical maps control and urban construction obligatory documents presentation
• Great supervision services in developmental and structural projects
• Consulting and empowerment services for contractors, consultant engineers, employers and investment companies to improve processes and structures at central office levels and projects by creating or strengthening Organizational Units In specialized fields such as :

BIM, Project Management, Project Planning and Control, Documentation, quantity surveying and statement, IT and knowledge management, HSE, Quality assurance and inspection, Treaty management, tooling and support, Marketing and selling

- Service description and implementation steps and BIM system running in projects:

The service description of Paisa Company in this area consists of two parts. The first part provides services at the level of the project tailored to phasing and the improvement conditions of the project and the second part is the implementation and deployment of this system at the level of organizations, as follows: